Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why Canada is lame

So... Here is a map of Canadian mobile phone coverage. It never really occurred to me until recently that Canada is actually a different country. I mean, I know I need a passport to go there, but I wasn't thinking too much about Canada as an international destination. In my research on mobile phone usage, I discovered that not only will I be paying something like 70 cents a minute in roaming charges, but I might not have service at all. Of course this information got me to thinking-what are some of the other international things about Canada? Why do I never remember that they aren't just USA's hat?

International                                              Not International

You need a passport to go there                No illegal border crossings
They have different money                       No illegal drug trade
                                                              They speak English
                                                              I can drive there without
                                                                  an ocean in the way

Another thing I didn't realize until I started planning this trip? I know almost nothing of Canadian geography. I could probably correctly identify more Western European cities on a map that Canadian cities. Of course, Europe is where history comes from, and I can't think of too many important things that happened in Canada other than... I'm thinking... Ok, I can't think of anything important that happened in Canada. How many Canadian provinces could you name before checking out a map? I think there are 13 of them. (Way to go with the lucky numbers Canadia)


  1. One more interesting fact about our neighbors to the North: 128 THOUSAND households in Canada have a television in the bathroom. My source? canadafacts.org

  2. That's a lot of people watching the tube on the pooper!

    Also, my ex-boyfriend was Canadian (he might still be, I don't know), so that qualifies me to educate you about the Canada.

    1) It has 10 provinces and 3 territories. It used to only have 2 territories (Yukon and Northwest) until some people in the Northwest Territory decided they were having Nunavut. This happened not all that long ago.

    2) They do speak a different language, sometimes. All of the stuff there is printed in French and English. Canada has 2 official languages because the 6-Point Font lobby paid off a bunch of members of parliament to squeeze in the French on all the milk cartons. Louis Pasteur was also involved.

    3) Canadians do not pronounce the letter 'z' as "Zee." They call it "Zed."

    4) The Canadian national anthem, O Canada, begins with a minor 3rd. This is an easy way to learn to aurally identify a minor 3rd. Assuming you know the Canadian national anthem.

    That's all you really need to know about Canada.

  3. Ummm...I never thought of you driving through another country, only Canada. I even forgot about the money side of things.

  4. Wow Melissa, you know a lot about Canada. In fact, given the relative lack of knowledge about Canada, I'd even say you're an expert!

  5. I'm thinking about legally changing my name to Melissa Eh? Mack. Thoughts?