Saturday, May 1, 2010

Updated Itenerary

There have been a few slight changes to the itinerary since I posted about it last. Check out the updated version.

Day One- Savannah to Nashville 8.25 hours
Day Two- Nashville to Ann Arbor 8 hours
Day Three- Ann Arbor to Minneapolis Area 11 hours
Day Four- Minneapolis to Winnipeg 7.5 hours
Day Five- Winnipeg to Saskatoon 8.5 hours
Day Six- Saskatoon to Fox Creek 8.5 hours
Day Seven- Fox Creek to Fort Nelson 9.25 hours
Day Eight- Fort Nelson to Whitehorse 11 hours
Day Nine- Whitehorse to Tok 7.75 hours
Day Ten- Tok to Anchorage 7.5 hours

My mom will be joining me for Chicago through Saskatoon. AND I get to see good friends in Ann Arbor. I really do love driving, and this trip is only getting better and better!

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I bought a copy of Milepost 2010. It's a book (magazine maybe?) about RV travel in Canada and Alaska. So far it's the best resource I've found as far as travel guides. Lot's of reviews and lists of restaurants, hotels, campsites.

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