Saturday, April 24, 2010

Speaking of bad ideas...

Right now, the plan to drive to Alaska is almost immediately followed by the plan to fly to California. Just for fun today, I was tossing around the idea of leaving Georgia a few days later, and driving to California (get this) ON MY WAY to Alaska. This is only slightly more preposterous than "Swinging by the Outer Banks" on the way to Atlanta.

Currently the trip is
... 4,566 miles
... 79 hours of driving
... approximately $530 in gasoline

Stopping in California would be
... 5,949 miles
... 102 hours of driving
... approximately $670 in gasoline

The cost of an airplane ticket?
... about $550

For anyone interested, here's the current route!

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  1. Driving to Alaska via California = not at all preposterous. Here is why:

    F) There have got to be plenty of amazingly ridiculous things you could see driving through middle America

    G) Get your kicks on route 66!!!!!

    H) Pacific Coast Highway

    I) Vancouver!!

  2. Thanks for the input, Melissa! I've heard great things about Vancouver, although I've never been there. Middle America is actually where most of my road trip experience comes from. As a kid I learned to love long car rides driving back and forth from the East Coast to Amarillo, TX.

  3. The question the time you have driven all the way through Canada, will you be able to pee in the woods?!

  4. Traveling up the PCH would be a beautiful experience!