Saturday, April 10, 2010

Elements of the Element

Here are some of my favorite features of the new element.

The "aux" port. I can listen to my ipod, or my phone while driving. There's also a handy power outlet and a little shelf where I can store everything.

The rear seats fold all the way down. Not to mention that they also fold up flat against the outside of the car for more storage space, or come out of the car completely.

The center console has a removable ice chest!!! I'm thrilled. Ice cold diet coke on road trips: check. When I'm not using it as an ice chest it will work fine as a regular center console thingy.

Look how wide those doors open! This makes it super-easy to gets things in and out of the back seat. It also reminds me of the mini van comercial from when minivans first started having backseat doors on both sides of the van. There was this van parked on an outcropping of rocks and an orca (may a dolphin, but I think it was a whale) totally lept out of the water, through the van and back into the water on the other side. If I ever have a chance to do that, I am totally going for it.


  1. Looks like the perfect car to make the trip. God's blessings for safe travel from your friends;
    The Gladman's

  2. You don't know how badly I have wanted on of these! I think it would be perfect for my two little explorers! Enjoy!