Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here's my current thinking, which is wide open for amendments.

Day One- Savannah to Nashville 8.25 hours
Day Two- Nashville to Chicago Area 7.5 hours
Substitute Ann Arbor for Chicago?
Day Three- Chicago Area to Minneapolis Area 7.75 hours
Day Four- Minneapolis to Winnipeg 7.5 hours
Day Five- Winnipeg to Saskatoon 8.5 hours
Day Six- Saskatoon to Fox Creek 8.5 hours
Day Seven- Fox Creek to Fort Nelson 9.25 hours
Day Eight- Fort Nelson to Whitehorse 11 hours
Day Nine- Whitehorse to Tok 7.75 hours
Day Ten- Tok to Anchorage 7.5 hours

Does anyone have experience driving through Canada? Can you think of any good places to stay, or things to see along the way?

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