Monday, March 29, 2010

Attractions- Part One

My current goal for The Drive is to take my time and to smell the roses, so to speak. With little or no regard for level of interest or cheesy-ness, here is a list of potential "roses."

Before I leave Savannah...

*Giant Cow Mailbox
I drive by this thing every time I go to Kroger. I have no idea why it was built or who built it.

*Park bench where Forrest Gump Sat
The actual bench isn't there any more, but my family did take photos in that square last Thanksgiving.

*The first headquarters of Girl Scouting

Other Georgia Attractions...

*The town of Catlin, Georgia.

*The World's Largest Metal Elephant in Ringgold, Georgia.

* And, just barely making it within the Georgia State Line. I could (bum bum bum) See Rock City!
After decades of driving past barns and billboards, I could finally see what all the fuss is about.


*Ruby Falls sounds like fun

* The international Towing and recovery museum does not

* The world's largest cedar bucket
I wonder if there's a record for number of "World's Largest/longest/heaviest..." things seen in one trip.

* There's a bunch of stuff in and around Nashville. I've been to the Parthenon several times and I've been to the Charlie Daniels Museum. Maybe this trip I could see the pair of Polar bear statues and/or the controversial 'musica' Statue.

Entering Kentucky

* Big Indian Statue in Franklin, Ky

* Mammoth Cave National Park, and assorted attractions

* There's a Stonehenge replica in Munforville, KY.
I won't lie. This sounds cool. I want to go.

* I could see the Jim Beam distillery or the world's longest go-kart track.

* Kentucky is also home to the world's largest bottle of booze, the world's largest bat (baseball or flying? I'm not sure), and a "very large coffee pot".
Dear Kentucky, I can see that last one at bed Bath and Beyond. Love, Me


* The Second Largest Timepiece in the world.

* The World's Largest Rocking Chair, and a grave in the middle of the road in Franklin, IN

* Indianapolis has a muffler man, a medical museum, and the sight of Elvis's last concert, but I'm more intrigued by "Three Dinosaurs breaking out of a Children's Museum"

* There's some kind of Rain forest car wash that I'm sure I will need by the time I get to West Lafayette (pictured above), after which my clean car can take me to the World's largest boilermaker statue.
In the interest of full disclosure, I have no idea what a boilermaker is.

* Continuing through Indiana, the fun only increases. There's a giant sundial in the shape of a lady's leg, and a Great Dairy Adventure where one can (gasp) ride a bus through a barn.

* I can see the Michael Jackson birthplace. (Not exactly the type of "music man" attraction I expected to see near Gary Indiana.)

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  1. Caitlin!!!

    A) I had no idea you were moving to Alaska. Wow!

    B) The Bluff View art district in Chattanooga is absolutely gorgeous, and there's a really great museum there. There is also Tony's Trattoria, which has the best bruschetta I've ever had, and I've been to Italy twice.

    C) I don't have a C yet, but I'm sure I will come up with one soon.